Case Preparation and Witness Familiarisation – Court Skills – Criminal

Expert Witness – Band 1 Top Ranked Chambers Litigation Support 2022 and 2023/2024.

The firm are Top Ranked at Band 1 (the highest band) in Chambers Litigation Support 2022 and 2023/2024 with the following finding: “They are excellent. They have a full understanding of the process and pressure consistent with being a witness in large cases.”

The firm was ranked in 2019, 2020 and 2021 with the following descriptive entry: LET’s witness training programme is “well structured” and “a step ahead of its competition.” [2019].

Witness evidence is a vital part of any hearing. Witnesses will gain an understanding of the practice and procedure in giving evidence and through role play, learn how to handle cross examination tactics with confidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the court procedures, processes and practices and protocol
  • Effective case preparation before a hearing and liaison with others
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Dealing with attacks on the evidence and the witness
  • Understanding the purpose of examination in chief, cross-examination and re-examination
  • Dealing with questioning under cross-examination with confidence, credibility and clarity
  • Learning how to advance strengths in evidence and deal with challenges to evidence
  • Understanding how to use documents and other exhibit evidence in hearings
  • Do’s and don’ts for witnesses
  • Developing a toolkit for giving effective evidence
  • Practical mock cross-examination role-play with feedback

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“Excellent opportunity for interaction, superb knowledge and understanding”.

“Excellent, well presented, good interaction”.

“Excellent informative feedback given after each role play”.

“Very good. Having experienced courts on numerous occasions and had previous legal input, Tim’s input was the best I’ve had and very practical/experienced based advice. Great practical/experience based advice, especially for our newer FIOs. This whole course has built nicely and logically through the EW process. Excellent – well delivered online and facilitated effectively using Zoom with break out rooms etc. Thank you”.

“Vital for us in our role and works remarkably well over Zoom. Perfectly pitched for us and always engaging”.

“This has exceeded my expectations and increased my knowledge 10 fold”.

“The role play for cross examination was a valid, authentic experience and is vital in understanding the Expert Witness role and function within the Court”.

“I enjoyed the overall course immensely and would recommend it to colleagues”.

The APAEWE course was one of the most informative and enjoyable courses I have attended, and I learnt so much, proving you can teach an old dog new tricks.  The trainers were excellent and communication throughout the process was exemplary.

“Excellent. Very worthwhile subject, superb tuition throughout”.

“The course clearly showed me my role in the various courts and what is expected of me. There was opportunity to be cross-examined and to watch others get questioned. Really good course that was well presented with good interaction and insight to the role in court of an expert witness. The tutor had excellent delivery and provided good feedback to the practice sessions via the online face to face interactive session”.

“Very enjoyable. Excellent tutor”.