CPD Legal Refresher Expert Witness

We regularly provide in house and public refresher training for expert witnesses working within the criminal justice system. We can tailor specific CPD legal refresher training for your organisation.

We are currently running a one day refresher to provide delegates with an opportunity to refresh their existing knowledge and build new skills. It is an opportunity to consider any changes to procedures and practice for experts practicing in the criminal field. It is designed to sharpen skills in recording evidence and writing reports. The training will give delegates a deeper understanding of how to write well-reasoned reports by using building blocks of evidence to ensure the evidence is admissible, reliable and has weight. These skills will be developed by using a rolling practical case study of records and a report to be critiqued and then cross-examined on.

Delegates learn to anticipate possible defences, to build evidence that refutes any such defence and avoid leaving an open goal for the defence. There will be an opportunity for cross-examination based on the practical case study so that a clear picture is built up of how the records and reports are challenged within the legal process and what gives strength to the evidence.

Learning outcomes

  • Considering the roles, responsibilities and duties of an expert
  • Understanding relevant Criminal Procedure Rules, Criminal Practice Directions
  • Analysing the key principles in best practice record keeping
  • Identifying the requirements for writing a legally compliant report
  • Considering how to set out a well-reasoned and objective opinion in a report
  • Awareness of the most recent formalities in report writing including the declarations
  • Practical exercise critiquing of records and reports to demonstrate best practice
  • Using objective competency criteria to assess records and the expert report
  • Considering how to prepare to give evidence
  • Giving honest, objective, clear and helpful evidence
  • Practical cross-examination exercises and feedback

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