Expert Witness Meetings – Criminal

The Lord Chief Justice stated in Criminal Practice Direction 19C that;
“To assist the court in the preparation of the case for trial, parties must consider, with their experts, at an early stage, whether there is likely to be any useful purpose in holding an experts’ discussion and, if so, when. These directions are listed in the magistrates’ courts Preparation for Effective Trial form and in the Crown Court Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing form as one to be given by default, and therefore the court can be expected to give such a direction in every case unless persuaded otherwise”.

This training will equip experts with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to prepare for and conduct an expert meeting effectively.  Experts will learn how to prepare using the case preparation model to identify issues, facts and opinions. They will consider how to question the expert for the other party to effectively explore and exchange relevant technical information. They will discuss the benefit of an agreed agenda and the best way to identify the issues and facts that they agree and disagree on and the reasons for this and to work toward the Joint Statement.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Practical role plays and feedback on expert witness meetings working in pairs/teams
  • Complying with Criminal Procedure Directions 19C on expert witness meetings
  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities and duties of the expert witness at the meeting
  • Handling experts refusing to discuss evidence or the reasoning for their opinion
  • Considering the case preparation model to identify the issues, facts and opinions
  • Preparing and agreeing an agenda and how to keep notes during the meeting
  • Learning effective questioning skills
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in the evidence before trial
  • Identifying agreed/disagreed facts and opinion with reasons and drafting a joint statement

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“A superb session with very useful practical advice and a great role play activity. Very helpful towards my understanding and development regarding the subject matter”.

“Really good, format enables you to consider role and responsibilities to conduct an EWM. Very useful to support focus and structure at an EWM and day to day work. The break out room format works well”.

“This course overall has been so good at providing the skillsets needed to be an effective expert witness – I wish I had undertaken it 5 years ago!”

“Great course, adapted to suit the audience. Patient and understanding tutor, who gave examples and confirmed understanding with candidates”.