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Legal Experience Training are the experts in expert witness training.  Legal Experience Training run the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence which is the only Masters level qualification for expert witnesses in the UK and Internationally.

We have unrivalled expertise in the design and delivery of expert witness courses in the UK and Internationally. Course design is led by Penny Harper, the principal author of “The expert witness” a practical guide published by Sweet and Maxwell, Penny is assisted by a team of subject experts including expert witnesses and lawyers, in particular, Mark James, Barrister, Temple Garden Chambers, London. Mark is the author of “Expert Evidence: Law and Practice” published by Sweet and Maxwell. This is the seminal text book on expert evidence. It deals with expert evidence in civil, criminal and other cases. It is the primary reference book for courts and practitioners on expert evidence.

Our courses for expert witnesses are tailored to a number of different jurisdictions including England & Wales, Scotland, International Courts and Arbitrations including the Middle East and other Jurisdictions. We are regularly instructed by law firms to prepare their expert witnesses for hearings in both the UK and other Jurisdictions.

We run a number of public courses, approved by the ICE and the RICS. We also regularly run in house courses for our clients, tailored to meet their in house requirements.

The Courses


Legal Experience Training has an Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence which is the only Masters level qualification for expert witnesses in the UK. The expert witness courses are approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and regularly run for a wide range of expert witnesses.

Please contact for a detailed brochure on the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence including details of assessments.

Upcoming Courses

Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (APAEWE) Course

Expert Evidence, Law and Practice (ELP) 4 March 2021

Advanced Report Writing (ARW) 5 March 2021

Expert Witness Meetings (EWM) 18 March 2021

Witness Familiarisation – Court Skills (CS) 19 March 2021

Expert Witness Assessments 12 March 2021 (200 Mins) and 26 March 2021 (35 Mins)
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“Excellent, exceeded expectations, invaluable and has saved the cost of the course several times over”

“Perfect, clearly very knowledgeable in subject and engaging in presentations”

“Excellent input in the 3 areas of Expert Evidence Law and Practice, Advanced Report Writing and Courtskills”



National Expert Witness Agency

The National Expert Witness Agency offers all our delegates a first-class modern way of marketing that will help you obtain more instructions. Your online membership can be assured of reaching hundreds of British law firms through NEWA’s numerous promotional channels. With the digital media age well established, the legal profession are relying more and more to source experts online. Registering your details with a reputable digital directory like NEWA, will certainly raise your marketing profile.

Why not take advantage of the new membership offer. NEWA are inviting any expert who has obtained the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (APAEWE) with Legal Experience Training, who would like to register their details, £30 off the premium Gold annual package.

For further details, please email or alternatively contact head office on 01638 601110.


Expert Witness Conferences

We are regularly invited to speak at conferences on topical subjects concerning expert witnesses. Please let us know if you are looking for a speaker for your conference!