Case Preparation and Witness Familiarisation – Court Skills

Witness evidence is a vital part of any hearing. Witnesses will gain an understanding of the practice and procedure in giving evidence and through role play, learn how to handle cross examination tactics with confidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the court procedures, processes and practices
  • Effective case preparation before a hearing
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Dealing with attacks on the evidence and the  witness
  • Understanding the purpose of examination in chief and cross- examination
  • Dealing with questioning under cross-examination with confidence, credibility and clarity
  • Learning how to advance evidence and deal with challenges to evidence
  • Understanding how to use documents and other evidence in hearings
  • Do’s and don’ts for witnesses
  • Developing a toolkit for giving effective evidence
  • Practical mock cross-examination role-plays with feedback.

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“The course was excellent with tips on cross-examination tactics and on the do’s and don’t’s. The role playing was excellent and I enjoyed being cross-examined. The tutor was excellent-spectacular. Thank you so much.”

“Brilliant very knowledgeable and with ability to encourage participation of all candidates”

“This course was extremely useful. I learnt a huge amount. The details of court processes and the personalities involved and a chance to undergo cross-examination. The tutor was very clear, excellent manner, makes the course interesting and fun”

“Excellent, well presented, good interaction”

“Excellent very worthwhile subject, superb tuition throughout”