Master Class Cross-Examination

Those who give expert evidence may do so infrequently and may require to refresh and develop their skills. The intensive cross-examination role play with feedback will assist experts to understand how to meet the challenge of robust cross-examination without losing their independence and impartiality. They will consider how to demonstrate a willingness to be flexible in considering a range of opinions and an ability to identify that information and evidence which provides the basis for their opinion.

This training will be based on cross-examination from a report from a completed case.

There will be detailed feedback and the role play will be stopped and started to allow for discussion and feedback. A High Court Judge Mr Justice Akenhead looked at the “key attributes” of a competent expert witness. Citing them as: relevant expertise, independence, impartiality, willingness to concede, getting the basics right i.e. getting the facts right.  During this Master Class experts will consider how to give evidence to comply with their primary duty to the Court.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Giving evidence with confidence, clarity and confidence
  • How to demonstrate independence and impartiality
  • Demonstrating the basis of facts that lead to the expert opinion
  • Anticipating and dealing with strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Effective communication of the key elements of the evidence.
  • Handling challenging cross-examination
  • Assisting the decision maker with understanding your methodology and approach

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“The course helped my understanding of the subject very well. The role play and personal feedback was most useful. The tutor was very engaging”

“Excellent, made you feel safe and an excellent teacher”

“Excellent at identifying and exploring issues in cross-examination”