Expert Evidence: Law and Practice

Witnesses have an important role within the justice system. To fulfil their roles and responsibilities they need to have an understanding of the litigation process and be aware of the legislation, regulations, rules and guidance applicable to their expert or professional work. This course is based on practical case studies developed from everyday questions and challenges for expert witnesses.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the litigation process and the roles and responsibilities of witnesses
  • Evaluating the principles governing the admissibility, credibility and weight of evidence
  • Analysing the roles of expert, professional, shadow expert, single joint expert witnesses or expert advisors.
  • Understanding the Civil Procedure Rules, Criminal Procedure Rules, Practice Directions and Protocol
  • Considering the key stages in the litigation process and working effectively with the lawyers
  • Understanding disclosure , privilege, confidentiality, bias, PII and other legal concepts in evidence
  • Practical case studies will be used to enhance learning and understanding.

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“Excellent, made a difficult subject enjoyable”

“Very good, excellent delivery style for learner. Thorough subject knowledge. Engaging. Excellent ability to take legal speak and make it accessible and understandable”

“Very well in particular immunity, privilege and role as advisory expert as well as Part 35 expert. Very helpful questions and cases studies to ensure the learning sunk in”

“Excellent presentation. Been a Chartered Surveyor for 23 years and I would say this is the most informative and value for money course that I have been on”