Expert Witness Meetings

In Jones v Kaney the Supreme Court found that the expert had been negligent in the expert witness meeting. Experts must conduct an expert witness discussion in accordance with their duty to the court and their duty to the client.

This training will equip experts with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to prepare for and conduct an expert meeting effectively.  Experts will learn how to prepare using the case preparation model to identify issues, facts and opinions. They will consider how to question the expert for the other party to effectively explore and exchange relevant technical information. They will discuss the benefit of an agreed agenda and the best way to identify the issues and facts that they agree and disagree on and the reasons for this and to work toward the Joint Statement.

 Learning Outcomes

  • What the CPR and Guidance say about expert witness discussions – meetings
  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities and duties of the expert witness at the meeting
  • Handling the opposing expert and exploring alternative opinions
  • Considering the case preparation model to identify the issues, facts and opinions
  • How to prepare and agree an agenda and to keep notes during the meeting
  • How to effectively question and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the evidence
  • Identifying the agreed and disagreed fact and issues and the reasons for this and working towards the Joint Statement
  • Practical role play and feedback on expert witness meetings

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“The tutor was excellent and the role play was very good practice for expert meetings and was very thought provoking”.

“The tutor was excellent and the course was insightful and helpful in preparing for meetings. The most useful part of the course were breakout group discussions with the tutor input and the role play feedback after the meetings and revisiting our objectives at the end of the day”.

“This will certainly assist in preparation for expert witness meetings in the future. The course was excellent particularly the role play. I would recommend this course to others”

“The course met my objectives very well – How to prepare for the expert witness meeting and the role play was informative and useful. The tutor was articulate, informative and approachable”

“Very thorough course materials presented by an experienced practitioner. Excellent course well structured and delivered. Tutor excellent in delivery, interacted effectively with all the delegates and helpful in answering questions. Course raised awareness of CPR35 procedures in expert witness meetings. The role plays gave an explanation of the overall obligations of the expert’s role”

“The training helped enormously. I went from a minimal understanding to being comfortable. The course was excellent with the role play and the feedback and a tutor who explained everything very well and was very encouraging. It was so useful to get regular feedback during the role play and have the detailed information on meetings set into a practical context”.