Intensive 1-1 Cross-Examination

Legal Experience Training has worked closely with witnesses, solicitors and barristers to identify how to assist witnesses with the process of preparing to give evidence. Witnesses will be equipped with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to give evidence effectively. Intensive one to one sessions or one to two sessions, can assist witnesses to gain the confidence to prepare for and give evidence effectively. Advice is given about the duty to the court, how to identify the key issues and evidence, how to assist the court to understand the evidence and how to distinguish the role of the witness from the role of the advocate. Feedback is given to witnesses to assist them fulfil their roles and responsibilities in giving evidence.

The case studies to be used for any cross – examination role – play will be sent to the lawyers instructed in the case to confirm that there are no facts in the role play which are the same as or similar to those of any current or impending trial, hearing or proceedings at which a delegate is likely to be a witness.

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“Very valuable and helpful to review process of giving evidence then practice via role play with immediate feedback. Overall excellent to be able to explain the rational of giving evidence and then practice”

“Although I am familiar with the court process it was very helpful to go through it in more detail. This training is essential for anyone about to give evidence as an expert of a witness of fact”

“Very helpful role play and tips with a knowledgeable, clear and super helpful tutor”

“There is tremendous value in ensuring that witnesses do not fall short simply because they are in an unfamiliar environment. The familiarisation training provided by Legal Experience Training, quickly and very effectively gives witnesses the confidence that they need to testify at their best. One of our witnesses (giving evidence in an arbitration) said, without this training I would have been naked.”