Advanced Statement/Report Writing

Witnesses are frequently required to write statements or reports. This course will provide clear guidance on the structure, content and style of written evidence. Delegates will consider how to include evidence in notes, documents, photos, plans, calculations, research and more.

Learning outcomes

  • Identifying the key stages in writing a report/statement
  • Dealing with strengths and weaknesses in  facts, assumptions and opinions
  • How to write in a clear, concise and accessible manner
  • Analysis of the structure, content and style of a report/statement
  • Considering how to set out a well reasoned and objective opinion
  • Using objective competency criteria to assess  report/statement writing
  • Consideration of relevant rules in the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Including the formalities; conflicts of interest, statements of truth and compliance
  • Practical exercises and critiquing of reports to demonstrate best practice.

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“I enjoyed it enormously it helped add to my knowledge, Penny is a very good communicator”

“Excellent on structuring the report, requirements of CPR, it has given me the clarity I require. The tutor was a true expert on the subject matter”

“The course delivered on the objectives and learning outcomes in a structured and well-informed way. It is also good to have the handout to refer back to. I found it very beneficial. I found the whole day useful. Well organised and well put together. Very good, clear and concise and could pitch to all levels of ability included in the group. Especially as it was via Zoom.”

“Excellent notes and presentation on report writing. A great presenter who clearly explained the content, report structure, planning, signposting, issues, facts and conclusions element of an expert witness report”.

“Excellent presenter, very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. The explanations about how to plan and structure a report, using the funnel method and the template report were very useful. It suits what we do in our day to day work and the hand out notes will be useful for future reference”.

“This was a great introduction to skills, issues and the professional environment that an expert witness has to operate in. In particular understanding the approach to report writing to include facts, reason, assumptions and opinions. The tutor was engaging and respectful to all attendees and their queries”.

“This was an excellent training day, I now feel completely comfortable in undertaking my expert witness report writing duties for clients. The course was well structured, firstly going through the theoretical and discussion aspects, then critiquing example reports. The study guide is well structured and logical, it is a perfect tool for me when I write future reports. Reviewing and critiquing the expert witness reports was an excellent way of consolidating skills and understanding how best to construct expert witness reports. As on all the modules of the course, Penny was excellent, her ability to recount case examples when answering individual questions is fantastic and in doing so, she provides context. Penny is an exceptional tutor”.

“Excellent, exceeded expectations, invaluable and has saved the cost of the course several times over”

The tutor was excellent and so was the course, the checklist is really useful to help hone the skills”.

“Excellent very informative learnt lots of tips on what to do and not to do. Excellent delivery of course materials. Very helpful clear concise presentations and interactive discussions”.