Health Social Care and Medicine

Health and Social Care Professionals must understand their legal and ethical duties concerning their clinical practice. Legal Experience Training has a series of case study based training courses to equip Health and Social Care Professionals with the essential legal knowledge and skills to ensure that they are competent and confident to undertake their duties. The training will enable Health Professionals to meet legal compliance, regulatory and professional practice standards.

Delegates will learn about relevant legislation, regulations, guidance and protocol governing their practice. The training is designed to support safe and effective practice. Health and Social Care Professionals frequently face difficult questions concerning confidentiality, consent and disclosure. They must also meet best practice standards in relation to clinical records, in particular recording matters concerning consent. These records may become the subject of Court Orders and be vital in the litigation process. Delegates are provided with detailed competency criteria for records, these are used during the training to identify the requirements of record keeping. Health and Social Care Professionals may be required to conduct fact finding interviews and write reports. It is vital that these reports are clear, justifiable and actionable. These reports may also be scrutinised and challenged in internal complaints or disciplinary matters, tribunals, courts or other legal proceedings.

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“This is an exceptionally good course and unique in outlining best practice. Penny is superb. The pace, content and delivery were excellent. It was also individualised and all questions were encouraged and addressed”

“Enjoyable, useful and informative; the tutor was knowledgeable, helpful and authoritative.”

“The best two days I’ve had in a while. Excellent.”