Interviewing Skills

Health and Social Care Professionals are frequently required to gather information and to make an assessment based on the evidence presented to them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective planning and preparation for an interview
  • How to structure an interview including the funnelling technique
  • Using different questioning techniques; open, closed, specific, probing and confirmatory
  • Handling inconsistencies in the account given by the interviewee and other available evidence
  • Maintaining an appropriate record of interview
  • Dealing with disclosure and confidentiality
  • Carrying out role-play in relation to conducting fact-finding, investigative or diagnostic interviews in a range of situations and receiving detailed and constructive feedback on areas to improve and areas that are performed effectively, delegates can identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Full Course Details


“The training helped exceptionally well with interview preparation for both my clinical and management role. Very professional training with excellent rapport”

“The session much improved understanding of the subject, with well supported real life examples and feedback on the role play”