Essential Disciplinary/Complaints Investigations

This training is designed for those who have an investigative role as an employee, manager or HR advisor. Best practice disciplinary/grievance and complaints investigations are essential in the effective running of any organisation. Misconduct, capability, absence, bullying, harassment or discrimination all gives rise to the need for fair and effective investigations by the employer.

Delegates learn to create an investigative plan to guide the investigation. They will interview both the subject of the investigation and witnesses. They will consider how to write best practice witness statements. The findings of their investigation must be set out to include an objective analysis of evidence in an investigative report to determine if there is a case to answer at a disciplinary hearing. They will be given a disciplinary report writing template and consider how to include and evaluate the evidence. A mock disciplinary hearing will demonstrate how evidence and the investigative procedures are challenged. Learning and development consists of plenary sessions, discussion, case studies and role-play. The course is fun, innovative and interactive with a rolling case study based on a decided employment tribunal case.

Learning outcomes

  • Comply with the Burchell test in carrying out a reasonable investigation;
  • Handle evidence from social media, searches, criminal charges and reluctant witnesses;
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses and the subjects of the investigation
  • Keep records, write statements and a report to evidence a fair investigation and process;
  • Anticipate challenges to be made at disciplinary hearings.

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“Really interesting and well presented- following the case studies from start to finish. The tutor was excellent and was able to bring ‘real life’ examples to the training environment.”

“I thought the course was excellent and possibly the most useful course I have been on.  I learned a huge amount. The case study was really interesting and juicy and that helped. The tutor was excellent.  He provided very practical and constructive feedback and ran the course very smoothly.  Although the course was done remotely it seemed to work very well”.

“Excellent a really useful framework for divising strategies. Will definitely apply them day to day”

“The tutors were brilliant. They were always available to answer questions and gave very constructive feedback”

“The sessions made me a lot more confident in gathering evidence and disciplinary report writing. It was a fantastic session, great examples and case studies and how to implement the process. The tutor was amazing”.

“I found that the content, pace and manner of delivery was perfectly structured to ensure that we take the learning away with us. It was a very well presented course showing how to gather information /facts in a fair manner and how to conduct a structured and comprehensive interview with witnesses and the subject of the investigation”.

“Excellent will be recommending colleagues to attend. Tutor excellent and knowledgeable”

“The tutors were brilliant; they were always available to answer questions and gave very constructive feedback”

“Liked range of presentation styles- kept my attention”

“Excellent no technical overkill and practical advice for practitioners”

“Excellent balance to give an overview of the difficulties in employment law and management”