Investigative Interviewing – Witnesses and Suspects

This module will provide delegates with the skills to structure interviews to systematically obtain evidence topic by topic. They will be given a methodology to enable them to prepare effectively for interviews. They will learn how to use different questioning techniques such as open, closed, probing and specific, confirmatory, completeness and challenging questions. These questioning techniques will be practiced in role play with detailed feedback.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to plan an effective interview by reference to the issues and facts/ evidence
  • Evaluate how to make practical preparation for an interview
  • Evaluate how to structure an interview using the PEACE method
  • Develop interview preparation techniques by use of structured topic boxes
  • Apply the funnelling technique to structure an interview
  • Questioning techniques; open, closed, probing, confirmatory and challenging
  • Identify the legal requirements for an interview
  • Apply the conversation management management interviewing model
  • Handle denials, omissions, exaggerations, fabrications and inconsistencies
  • Maintain an appropriate record of interview
  • Deal with disclosure, documents and exhibits during interview

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“Practical use of techniques (of interviewing) interesting, useful and practical”

“The course assisted my understanding of the subject very well. The reading materials and tutor discussions were excellent in content and well delivered”

“I thought the course was excellent and possibly the most useful course I have been on.  I learned a huge amount. The case study was really interesting and juicy and that helped. The tutor was excellent.  He provided very practical and constructive feedback and ran the course very smoothly.  Although the course was done remotely it seemed to work very well”.

“Excellent a really useful framework for divising strategies. Will definitely apply them day to day”

“The tutors were brilliant. They were always available to answer questions and gave very constructive feedback”

“The session much improved understanding of the subject, with well supported real life examples and feedback on the role play”

“Very good assistance and practical based case studies and debriefs most useful. Really good two days. Excellent tutor; knowledgeable and delivered at an appropriate pace for the whole group.