Witness Familiarisation

Witness Familiarisation – Experts and witnesses of fact – Litigation Support.
Band 1 Top Ranked Chambers and Partners Litigation Support 2022 and 2023.

Legal Experience Training is a leading provider of Witness Familiarisation for experts and witnesses of fact across the UK and internationally, established in 2009 by two senior barristers/judge and a solicitor. The firm are regularly instructed direct by public sector and corporate clients, by law firms and by recommendations from Members of the Bar. The courses are accredited and approved by several Professional Bodies.

The firm have expertise in preparing witnesses giving evidence in the High Court, County Court, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, family proceedings, international arbitrations, tribunals, arbitrations and regulatory hearings. We often prepare witnesses to give evidence in courts, international arbitrations, domestic arbitrations, tribunals and regulatory hearings where millions/billions of pounds are at stake. We also provide familiarisation to witnesses involved in cases of great personal and professional importance to the individuals concerned. The firm are Top Ranked at Band 1 (the highest band) in Chambers Litigation Support 2022 and 2023 with the following finding: “They are excellent. They have a full understanding of the process and pressure consistent with being a witness in large cases.”

We have experience assisting witnesses from or giving evidence in the following jurisdictions: United Kingdom, The Channel Islands, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine, USA, France, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, India, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago.

A summary of what the Witness Familiarisation session will cover:

  • Understanding the court procedures, processes and practices
  • Understanding the role of the witness to be honest, clear and objective
  • Effective case preparation before a hearing
  • Evaluating how to present evidence to best effect
  • Understanding the purpose and techniques of cross- examination
  • Dealing with questioning under cross-examination with confidence, credibility and clarity
  • Understanding how to use documents and other evidence in hearings
  • Do’s and don’ts for a witness and tips for survival in the witness box
  • Practical cross-examination role-play (not on the facts of the actual case).

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“I feel much better prepared for my upcoming testimony. The session with Legal Experience Training was extremely thorough and helpful. It is essential preparation for a witness. The tutor had a very good interactive style and gave very tangible answers. An excellent and experienced tutor, it was good to have Director level attention and advice”

“The Witness Familiarisation Preparation Session was absolutely invaluable and very effective”

“The session was fabulous, the tutor was excellent, calm, clear, professional and brought the best out in our witnesses in the familiarisation session, with tips for witnesses in developing the preparation matrix and a tool kit for cross–examination”.

“This session was excellent with do’s and don’ts and techniques for answering questions. Very worthwhile for anyone without experience of being a witness in court. The tutor has an excellent manner, very calm and helpful”.

“I feel much better prepared for the upcoming testimony. The role play was essential practice. The session was thorough and essential preparation for a witness. Understanding the tricks of cross-examination was very helpful. The tutor was excellent with a very good interaction and style”.

“The session was excellent with different ways to consider giving evidence under cross-examination. It was very helpful in thinking through how to deal with cross-examination questions to help the decisionmaker understand the evidence. It was excellent and made a difference”.

“The session prepared me in a practical way during the cross-examination session and feedback. I feel both relieved and confident to give evidence now”.

“The session assisted me very much with understanding the process and the role of a witness. The role play was very good and helpful”.

“Legal Experience Training provides outstanding guidance and training; prospective witnesses develop a composite understanding of the court process, their role and their duty to the court as well as gaining much needed confidence. One of our witnesses commented this training was invaluable and the tutor was very effective”

“There is tremendous value in ensuring that witnesses do not fall short simply because they are in an unfamiliar environment. The familiarisation training provided by Legal Experience Training, quickly and very effectively gives witnesses the confidence that they need to testify at their best. One of our witnesses (giving evidence in an arbitration) said, without this training I would have been naked.”